Strategic Geographic Location

  • Central European Position: Lithuania is strategically located in the northeastern part of Europe, positioning it at the crossroads of Northern, Eastern, and Western Europe. This central location makes it an attractive hub for businesses looking to access multiple European markets.


  • EU and Eurozone Membership: Lithuania is a proud member of both the European Union (EU) and the Eurozone. This membership grants Lithuanian businesses, including FinTech companies and EMIs, direct access to the vast EU market, which comprises over 500 million consumers.


  • Gateway to the Baltic States: Lithuania serves as a gateway to the Baltic states, including Latvia and Estonia. This trio of Baltic nations collaborates closely in various economic and political initiatives, creating a cohesive market for businesses seeking regional expansion.


  • Access to Eastern Europe: Lithuania’s geographic location provides an advantageous point of entry into Eastern European markets, including Russia, Belarus, and Ukraine. This is particularly beneficial for EMIs and FinTech firms looking to expand their services beyond the EU.


  • Strategic Transport Networks: Lithuania has developed a well-maintained network of highways, railways, and ports that connect it with neighboring countries and the broader European market. This infrastructure is vital for the efficient movement of goods and people.


  • Efficient Airports: Lithuania is served by international airports such as Vilnius International Airport and Kaunas International Airport. These airports offer good connectivity and ease of access, facilitating business travel and trade.


  • Digital Infrastructure: Lithuania ranks highly in terms of high-speed internet connectivity and digital infrastructure. This robust digital foundation is essential for FinTech companies and EMIs, which rely heavily on secure and high-speed data transmission.


Lithuania’s strategic geographic location in the heart of Europe, coupled with its EU membership and excellent transport and digital infrastructure, positions it as an ideal destination for FinTech companies and EMIs looking to access European and global markets efficiently.